Building Foundations of Hope

  • Diet
  • Face Time
  • The Sense of Taste

You will learn hands-on, practical, daily activities to do with your baby in the areas of:


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An Ounce of Prevention


  • The Visual System
  • The Sense of Touch

Learning begins long before a child attends school. All learning ultimately takes place in the brain, but it is only through the body that the brain receives sensory information from the environment (through our five physical senses) in order to organize, benefit from, and express what it learns. 

Our Ounce of Prevention CD for infants helps parents understand what they can do to ensure their baby gets the best start in life. This CD focuses on the roles the five physical senses and movement play in their child's development. Parents will learn simple activities they can incorporate into their baby's normal daily routine that will help give their child a solid, developmental foundation for future success.

Movement in the human body is first affected through the primitive reflexes at birth and plays a vital role in brain development for learning and behavior.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..."

  • Crawling and Creeping

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  • The Sense of Smell


  • The Auditory System
  • Tummy Time
  • The Tactile System