• Lie down on a soft surface with arms either straight

  above head like a pencil or straight at sides.
• Then roll like a log, at a comfortable speed, in one 

  direction and then back.
• Eyes are open for one minute and then closed for

  one minute.

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Quick Start eBook Activity Sample: Log Roll


To stimulate a person’s proprioception, or awareness of where their body is in space. It also helps to strengthen the vestibular system, sensory systems and convergence of the eyes for improved reading.

Did You Know...

Did you know that when astronauts come back from the weightless environment of space they have letter and/or number reversals and can become very clumsy? NASA built a machine to see which parts of the brain were being affected. They found that the cerebellum was the most affected part of each astronaut’s brain. They then created a program of activities that would strengthen that part of each astronaut’s brain so their reading and writing returned to normal as well as their balance and coordination. We can now benefit from NASA’s program, as the Log Roll (and Spin Slow activity) help strengthen the cerebellum which affects a person’s balance and vestibular system. The Log Roll also strengthens a person’s proprioception, which is knowing where you are in space, and works on an individual’s convergence of the eyes, which is the ability to use the eyes together as a team. This is very important for reading. 




Mat, carpet or a rug on the floor.

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