Success and Improvement in

Movement, Balance, and Memory.

You will see results if done consistently for 4 months and at least 3-5 times a week!​​


   You may do this activity while watching TV or  

   listening to an audio book.

   Fold back the top edge of the bag


   Set timer for 1 minute

Few supplies needed:

  • Digit Span Cards (provided)
  • A chair, rocking chair, or swing
  • ​Tennis ball or small rubber ball
  • Small paper bag​

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Program eBook & Printables

Quick Start for Mature Adults


Breathe into Bag has been shown to raise oxygen levels in the body for improved brain function by increasing the ability to process information. It can also resolve low muscle tone over a period of time.


Allows for flexibility in daily schedule

Program Features

Takes less than one hour a day


Demonstration Videos

Quick Start for Mature Adults eBook and Printables

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eBook Activity Sample: Breathe into Bag


A timer and a paper bag (brown paper lunch bags are perfect for this activity)

Does not require a Private Consultation or Full Evaluation

Step #1: Place bag over nose and mouth, making sure no air can get in or out around the opening

Step #2: Breathe normally through nose for 1 minute

Step #3: Remove bag and take a deep breath in through nose – breathe normally for 1 minute

Repeat Step #1 - Step #3 five times

An Effective In-Home, Brain-Training and Exercise Program for Adults Ages 50+

Building Foundations of Hope

Some activities you can do alone and others you will need someone to help you