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For more detailed information about the evaluation, developmental profile and

the program process, click on this link Contact US or give us a call: 832-752-1036.

To schedule an evaluation please call Faith at 832-752-1036. The first program is $700.  You'll pay the first $100 to schedule your first appointment. Then, $600 is due on the day of the evaluation.

Every subsequent program is $600. There is an option you may choose - a recurring monthly charge of $150.00 to fund those 2nd programs and beyond. Those payments would begin the following month or you can pay in full every four months.

We suggest you make a commitment of at least 18 months or four to five programs to see the greatest benefits. It takes awhile to make those brain connections! The progress made is directly related to how much of the program is done by the client family. And the length of time on program depends on the client's "starting point".


Full Evaluation/Custom Program

Marked Success and Improvement in

Academics and Behavior

Full evaluation with developmental profile

Customized program written for the client

Follow-up evaluations with a new program written

        every four months - each program is built upon

        the last one according to the client's progress

Client support​ for each program by Zoom, videos, 

        text, or phone

We evaluate each individual and build the program - you'll do the work at home with your child.

Program Features

A Complete In-Home, Brain-Training Program Tailored for Your Child's Specific Needs

Brain Program

Complete Instructions

​Client Support