Building Foundations of Hope

If any of these questions sound familiar to you, we request you complete our Initial Questionnaire. We will contact you once we receive the results and suggest how and if our programs can benefit you and your child. 




These are the most common questions we hear from our parents. 

If any of these questions sound familiar to you, we can help!

Why can’t she play sports?
Why can’t he feel pain?
Why is he so clumsy?
Why is she always cold?
Why does he have flat feet?
Why is she such a picky eater?
Why does he eat with his right hand and write with his left hand?
Why does she eat with her right hand and swing a bat with her left?
Why does she have such low pain tolerance?
Why is he so overly sensitive to sound?
Why is she so overly sensitive to odors?
Why does he take such hot showers?

Why does she have such poor social skills?
Why is his anger so explosive?
Why doesn’t he have friends?
Why is she always hungry?
Why doesn’t she have any sense of direction?
Why doesn’t he have any common sense?
Why does he stutter when he talks?
Why won’t she look me in the eye?
Why is he always in my personal space?
Why does she still wet the bed?
Why does he bite his nails?
Why is his room always a mess?
Why can’t she express herself?

Why can’t he stay focused?
Why does he know something one day but not the next?

Why can’t he read?
Why is she so disorganized?
Why does he do his homework but forget to turn it in?
Why does she cock her head to the side while writing?
Why can’t he hold a pencil correctly?
Why does she hold her pencil like that?
Why does he have trouble copying work from the board?
Why does she struggle with math?
Why do her eyes get tired while reading?
Why does she go blank on tests?

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