Building Foundations of Hope

"We went camping a few weeks ago and our daughter rolled down a grassy hill... she loved it! Grass didn't bother her! So fun!"

"I've seen so much improvement! He knows all of his letters and is beginning to read more and more and put sounds together better!

"Family members are commenting on our son's improvement in coloring skills... and his coordination is getting better. The world around him is making more sense... It's a lot of work, but I am soooooo excited! Slow and steady!!!!!"

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To find out whether your child could benefit from our services, we request you complete our Initial Questionnaire. We will contact you once we receive the results and suggest how and if our programs can benefit you and your child. 

"Thanks to this program my son is now able to read not only on grade level but above. His teachers are starting to ask questions as to what we are doing “behind the scenes”. Should I tell them? I haven’t wanted anyone to tell me that it wasn’t possible. But it seems like just almost everything is getting easier for him. He did his homework before but then would forget to turn it in so he got zeros all the time for it instead of credit. But all that has changed, too. He does his work, turns it in and gets the credit he deserves for his hard work. There’s just so much more. Will share more later."

"We couldn’t get our son to eat anything but mac ‘n cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He’s now eating salads and all sorts of veggies. He was never open to trying new foods but now all that has changed."

"You know when we first saw you our son couldn’t feel pain like he was supposed to. He broke his arm last year and we were told by the doctor that he had broken it before but we didn’t know anything about that until this last time when the bone came right through his skin. That was just one of the many areas of concern. But now he feels an appropriate sense of pain and we believe that he will never break another bone without us knowing it. Although with that sense of pain that is 'normal' now we believe he will stay within his pain limits."

Parent Testimonies