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Building A Foundation of Hope

Few supplies needed:

  • Digit Span Cards (provided)
  • One exfoliating bath glove
  • A spinning chair, stool or swing


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Can be done with one individual or it can be done with the entire family

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you the eBook and Printables for you and your family to begin your brain-training journey!

Quick StartT


Quick Start eBook and Printables

NO ACADEMICS!!! Don’t let this frighten you! Think about it...

​​If your children are struggling with reading, they don’t need to struggle through another book! If they are struggling with math, they don’t need to struggle through more math problems! 

The activities included, work on the underlying developmental foundation of learning - the Central Nervous System. When the connections are made, you'll get the desired function. Quick Start includes floor activities, processing games, activities that work on balance and the tactile system, among other things. These physical activities benefit brain-body teamwork in order to give the brain the capacity to learn efficiently.

Each part of the Quick Start Program is important! 

No Academics Included

You will see results if done consistently for 4 months and at least 5 times a week!​​

Allows for flexibility in daily schedule

Program Features  

Takes less than one hour a day

You can work with your own child or hire someone to implement the program for you

Does not require a Private Consultation or Full Evaluation


Demonstration Videos

Success and Improvement in

Academics and Behavior

Program eBook & Printables

An Effective Generic In-Home, Brain-Training and Exercise Program for Ages 6 and Up